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123Clik© Web Management - A content management system is an application supported by a database that allows Edimasters to update information on their website through a web interface


This will be your first Web site, and you feel unsure when faced with all these new technologies. No doubt you have many questions for which you would like clear and simple answers to understand…

Your Web site is now on its xth version, and the cousin of your brother-in-law who designed the last version has left to work in the Alberta tar pits and has no time to explain the intricacies of the Web…?

We thought we'd share some of the answers that we give our clients, to clarify some of the questions you have no doubt already asked yourself.

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1. Why is it important to ensure that our Web site conforms to XHTML and CSS validation standards?

A variety of browsers are used by your visitors to surf the World Wide Web: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari, to name just a few. Each browser has its own characteristics and may display page content differently if certain standards are not respected. Some data may simply not appear at all, or be improperly displayed. This task is left up to the XHTML and CSS validation standards, in order to verify the exactness of the source code for each Web page.


Concept J MULTIMEDIA Inc. knows that it is not simply a question of being noticed, but being noticed correctly by as many Internet surfers as possible.

2. The modifications to be made to our Web site must be done by a Web professional. How do we make the transition from this ‘static, mode to a ‘dynamic’ mode?

The modules in our patented 123CLIK© WEB MANAGEMENT enables you to benefit from a high level of security and autonomy to modify your Web site data with ease. Users save time and money with this increase in autonomy that allows them to fully manage the contents of their Web site directly from their browser.

3. What steps can I take to ensure that our Web site is favoured by the main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Given the exponential increase in the number of Web sites, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be noticed. Only a manual, methodical and serious procedure will show effective results. Leave the task of indexing your site to professionals who have the advanced level of technical expertise in this field. Concept J MULTIMEDIA Inc. has proven itself in this area of expertise.  It is also important to specify to our indexing specialists the main keywords you want to use to identify your Web site.

4. Your Web site looks outdated, and gives our company an image that does not reflect reality. What can we do to correct this situation?

Revamping a Web site allows you to conserve the best parts of an existing site, while at the same time taking advantage of modern Web services and new technologies.The Concept J MULTIMEDIA Inc. team knows how to assist you with this important step of redesigning your Web site, by introducing a concept that is user-friendly for your visitors, and by creating a more performance-oriented design intended to enhance your company's image.

5. What sets the 123CLIK© WEB MANAGEMENT apart from other similar programs on the market?

The 123CLIK© WEB MANAGEMENT is a management tool for personalized content based on the client’s specific requirements. The modules of the 123click management tool are configured to meet the needs of the company they are designed for. The primary mandate of Concept J MULTIMEDIA Inc. is to design a management tool that promotes full autonomy for the user and at the same time a maximization of ROI (Return On Investment) for its client.

6. Static or dynamic website?

Dynamic content: The content is stored in a database, thus separating the content from the presentation, i.e. the code responsible for retrieving the data in the browser.

The web server receives a HTTP request from the visitor, queries the database and constructs a page reflecting the result. The resulting page could be different depending on many variables, whether the user is connected to the website (gaining access to material not accessible to normal users) for example. The content can be dynamically updated; for example, you could have a list of products in your website and once a new article is added with your web content management system, the link in said list will also be updated.  All of this processing is done by the web server.

Static content : Static website content is hard coded into the webpage; here you’ll find raw html code, javascript etc. This could be dangerous for inexperienced users who want to format text, ultimately breaking the website’s presentation. There exists some HTML editors, but the fact still remains that the maintenance of such a site is time consuming and not very flexible on large sites; to add a link to your navigation, you’d have to edit every single page in your website!

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