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123Clik© Web Management - A content management system is an application supported by a database that allows Edimasters to update information on their website through a web interface

Web Management

Be fully independent!

The ideal solution to get the autonomy to do your website management is our 123Clik© web management software. Updates, changes and adding things to your website become a breeze with this website management tool.

We give you the opportunity to try our content management system online demo. You will discover all the advantages of the 123Clik© CMS (content management system).

Our content management system is perfect for you. Here are some of the features of 123CLlik©:

Add web page to Menu It is simple to add a page to your menu. You will have the autonomy to add a page to your Web site when you want it and according to your needs. All that in just a few clicks!

Photos Gallery What could be better to interest your visitors than a photo gallery with your own comments? You can add pictures quickly and easily. This module, very easy to use, creates thumbnails of your photographs, resizes and reduces your pictures so that they are posted more quickly on your website.

Calendar Simple and effective, this module makes it easy to communicate with your visitors about various events, in order to show the dynamics of your company. The simplicity of this module is rivaled only by its effectiveness to communication with your visitors, customers or prospective customers. In one glance they can see the important dates in the current month.

Media This module allows you great flexibility. What could be better than to illustrate your texts with sound, photographs and even videos? A pleasant way of making your website more alive and thus more interesting.

The Media module can also be adapted for an Intranet where you will want to share with your employees, recordings of an important meeting or for any other functions to suit your needs.

Products Do you wish to present at visitors with an inventory of products? Without any knowledge of programming, you will be able to put on your website the list of your products with their description, their photograph and the quantity in inventory, etc...

Documents Reduce the size of your Web pages by offering your visitors the choice to download documents. You can place documents of various formats: Pdf, Excel, Word, etc...

This module can also be adapted to be divided into an Intranet for important documents with to share with employees.

Pools Animate your website, ask the opinion of your visitors on your products and services or on any other subject likely to interest them. Let your imagination run free. It is an excellent way to keep your visitors entertained.

Links Make it easier for your visitors to find related information. Share with them links on the Web so that they can find the information they need.

Guestbook Give your visitors a chance to express themselves on your site, your products and your services.

This Guestbook module can be adapted so that the comments appear on your site only after approval. Very useful to counter the undesirable mails "spams".

Management of a store on line Makes it possible to sell your products online and offer secure transactions with 128 bits encryption.

Personalized Module A customized module can be made to suit your particular needs. 


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